The Facts – about The Ribbon Gang


and the Truth about Ralf Entwistle – and the Ribbon Gang…

 In 1830, ten convict men were hanged in Bathurst – in what is now known as RIBBON GANG LANE.

 The leader of `The Ribbon Gang’ was Ralf Entwistle.

 Ralf, aged 25, was a builder and brickmaker from Bolton, England.

 He was convicted in London for Larceny 1 (for stealing clothing)

 In Bathurst, Ralf was given 50 lashes for skinny-dipping one hot day in the Macquarie River. (Ouch!)

 Ralf also lost his Ticket Of Leave as a result (Double-Ouch!)

 As the gang’s leader, Ralf wore white ribbons in his hat.

 The Ribbon Gang had 143 members at one point. This means it was the largest convict uprising in the colony of New South Wales.

 The Ribbon Gang had 3 wild shootouts – with 3 different posses – and were finally captured at their hideout at Abercrombie Caves. The ten remaining members of The Ribbon Gang were hung in November 1830, in Bathurst.


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2 responses to “The Facts – about The Ribbon Gang

  1. Graeme Edwards ⋅

    The ten members of the gang would have been ‘hanged’.

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